Although playing at an extravagant land-based casino is an experience like no other, it does have its downsides and because of the convenience and accessibility of online, the vast majority of players now choose to play their favourite slot games online via mobile slot apps or in a pay by mobile casino which they access via their browser on their mobile.  

One of the main advantages of playing slots at an online casino via your mobile rather than at a land-based casino is that there are multiple ways you can make a deposit into your online gambling account. In most land-based casinos, the only way to gamble is to pay via traditional methods such as debit card or cash, however, with an online casino, you can deposit money in a number of different ways, offering players greater flexibility.  

One way players can deposit money into their online betting account is via your mobile phone bill which many slot lovers are taking advantage of because it’s so easy and convenient. Let’s take a look at how to deposit your via your mobile phone bill and what the pros and cons are for this payment method so you can make the right choice for you! 

What’s the advantage of depositing money via your phone bill? 

The main advantage is that it’s fast, secure and super simple to do and for many players, it’s an ideal way of budgeting and keeping track of how much they have deposited into their online betting account.  

How do you deposit money for slots via your phone bill? 

Many online casinos offer this facility and while each casino may be different, on most casinos you can log in to your account and when depositing money you can select “Phone Bill” and select the amount you wish to deposit, confirm the amount and then you’re ready to roll! 

How does it work? 

One of the biggest advantages of this payment method is that you don’t need to input your card details or passwords and any deposits which are made will then simply be added to your next phone bill if you are billed monthly or if you have a pay-as-you-go mobile contract the amount will be deducted from your current mobile credit. Players can deposit either £3, £5, or £10 and players should also receive a confirmation of the deposited amount via text. 

Is it safe and secure?

You can feel confident depositing via your mobile phone bill and this is an extremely secure payment method which uses the very best digital encryption, plus the handy text confirmation will mean it’s easy for you to keep track of how much you’ve deposited. 

Important things to know before depositing 

Always read the small print as many online casinos will need to see evidence that you have paid your mobile phone bill before you’re able to withdraw winnings from your online betting account. Plus, many online casinos will set limits on the amount you can deposit per day via this method, with many not allowing players to exceed £30.

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