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When it comes to healing, there are a few things to keep in mind. The main ones are getting the necessary support from family and friends, and the importance of finding out what works for you. In addition, you can also go on retreats or participate in online or in-person content that will help you deal with your issues and move forward.

Recovery Road series

The Hazelden Betty Ford Foundation is a nonprofit organization that provides recovery resources and services for people affected by addiction. They also provide a free social network for people in recovery. This program includes a monthly email newsletter, advocacy opportunities, and events.

As September approaches, the organization will celebrate National Recovery Month. Its efforts will focus on advocating for millions of Americans who need help. During the month, the foundation will sponsor Minnesota Recovery Connection’s Walk for Recovery. A series of Recovery Month webinars will teach tips on how to stay sober.

The foundation offers a children’s program that helps young people in recovery. Its online program, currently only available to patients of Hazelden Betty Ford, is designed to help kids ages seven to twelve learn self-care skills. In the future, this program will expand to the general public.

The Hazelden Betty Ford Foundation has a publishing division. Their email newsletter, Living in Recovery, highlights events and recovery resources.

Hazelden Betty Ford also sponsors recovery-related conferences and seminars. These events help raise awareness about the opioid epidemic. Guests include a variety of celebrities and experts.

Another event, called Recovery Reinvented, is an online conference that features experts from across the country. This event emphasized the importance of eliminating stigma.

The Hazelden Betty Ford also provides recovery coaching. Coaching is an important source of motivation and inspiration for those in recovery. With coaching, people will be able to recognize their thoughts that lead to addiction, identify problems, and work towards finding solutions.

The foundation also has a Children’s Program that is open to kids ages seven to 12. The program includes school-based prevention and treatment resources.

Online content

The Hazelden Betty Ford Foundation is one of the leading organizations in the addiction treatment field. Its treatment centers are located across the country and provide services to adults in recovery. In addition to providing the best in clinical care, the foundation is also involved in the prevention and education of substance use disorders.

To further its mission, the organization has developed a suite of comprehensive solutions. Among its notable features are the Hazelden Betty Ford Patient Care Network and Connection(tm). Those seeking more personal attention can access the foundation’s online resources. Patients can also benefit from a digital platform for therapeutic exercises.

Hazelden Betty Ford uses Oracle Cerner EHR, which is integrated with the Xealth digital therapeutic distribution system. This system allows clinicians to assign digital content directly from the EHR workflow. They can also use the platform to access patient analytics.

Hazelden Betty Ford’s digital platform also includes an educational component. One such resource is the Mental Health Minute, a ten-part video series that focuses on a particular topic facing those away from home. There is also the Recovery Road, a nifty little app highlighting short nuggets of wisdom from notable authors.

As the leading non-profit provider of treatment for substance abuse and related disorders, the Hazelden Betty Ford Foundation has a lot to offer patients and their families. Aside from clinical care, the organization is also on the forefront of telehealth technology. Using a variety of tools, the foundation is helping people throughout the country to take their first steps toward sobriety.

The foundation is proud to play a role in the fight against addiction. Its partners include a variety of organizations spanning health care and other fields.

In-person retreats

The Hazelden Betty Ford Foundation is one of the largest treatment providers in the country. It provides substance use, mental health, and trauma-focused programs. In addition, the organization has a range of digital tools, such as mobile apps and recovery support content.

In a move that is timely, the Hazelden Betty Ford Foundation is introducing an online outpatient program. This new program combines group therapy with individual counseling sessions through an encrypted video chat platform.

According to the organization, the new program is aimed at helping patients remain sober and improving their quality of life. Many patients report feeling more confident in their sobriety and their ability to resist cravings.

However, this program is only available to people who live in seven states. For now, it is offered in Minnesota, Kansas, Oklahoma, South Dakota, Nebraska, Montana, and Wyoming.

In the next few weeks, the Hazelden Betty Ford Foundation will host several events to celebrate Recovery Month. These will include a free outdoor tailgate party, a recovery bus tour, a daily meditation app, and engagement opportunities. All of these events will help to elevate the recovery voice and demonstrate that recovery is possible.

The Hazelden Betty Ford Foundation has a unique approach to treatment. Its model is based on research studies that show that a community of peers can help an addict maintain sobriety. A key element of the program is that it focuses on the long-term effects of addiction and family dynamics.

Hazelden Betty Ford also has a comprehensive array of other services. These include programs for adults, children, and older adults. Some programs are also geared toward LGBTQA+ clients.

Other services include 12-step programming, evidence-based support, and career-related discussions. The foundation provides programs for trauma and substance use disorders, as well as housing, employment, and recovery resources for professionals.

First responders

Hazelden Betty Ford is one of the leading nonprofit organizations in the country devoted to addiction and mental health care. With 17 locations nationwide, it offers a full continuum of clinical and educational services. Its experts work to restore families and empower individuals to achieve lasting sobriety.

In a time when addiction and mental health conditions are a national crisis, the Hazelden Betty Ford Foundation is leading the way in providing long-term solutions and educating the public about recovery. They also offer opportunities to engage with policymakers.

The foundation will also participate in the Mobilize Recovery Across America 2022 tour. This interactive virtual experience will focus on the future of behavioral health and the promising partnership between first responders and peer recovery professionals. During the tour, participants will have the opportunity to interact with a wide range of community partners.

Hazelden Betty Ford will also host in-person weekend retreats. This program will provide participants with a unique recovery coaching experience. As part of the effort to build a network of care, the organization will also extend its continuum of services through a patient care network.

For more information about Hazelden Betty Ford and its resources, visit the organization’s website. You can also sign up for its email newsletter, which highlights recovery events and advocacy opportunities.

Hazelden Betty Ford has been at the forefront of addiction treatment for more than 70 years. Its experts are highly-trained and experienced. Their knowledge shapes programs that are increasingly effective. And the foundation is committed to diversity.

Founded in 1949, Hazelden Recovery Center was built on abiding compassion for the person receiving care. The center’s approach to treatment is based on the Twelve Steps.

Educating the public

Hazelden Betty Ford Foundation is a national leader in mental and addiction treatment. It provides comprehensive addiction care, family therapy and professional education programs for individuals in recovery. The organization is also committed to reducing the negative impact of substance use disorder in urban and rural communities.

Hazelden Betty Ford Foundation is focusing on education to reduce the stigma of substance use disorder. Through an email newsletter, Recovery Update, and other initiatives, Hazelden Betty Ford Foundation promotes the importance of recovery to the public. This month, the organization will host a series of events to celebrate people in recovery and increase awareness about the substance use disorder crisis.

As part of the celebration, the foundation will sponsor the Minnesota Recovery Connection’s Walk for Recovery. During this event, Minneapolis Mayor Jacob Frey and other public health experts will call attention to the epidemic.

In addition to the free screening, the event will feature other support resources. Among them, free recovery apps from Hazelden Publishing.

Additionally, the foundation will collaborate with other addiction treatment providers in Arizona. Ahmed Eid, a native of Egypt, will be Hazelden Betty Ford Foundation’s Minnesota Region vice president. He earned a bachelor’s degree in applied psychology and is a long-term recovery from addiction.

Another initiative will be Hazelden Betty Ford’s involvement with the Mobilize Recovery Across America 2022 tour bus. The virtual experience will include the evolution of care, treatment barriers, and the future of behavioral health.

The foundation will also sponsor in-person weekend retreats and unit reunions to bring people with shared experiences in recovery together. Throughout the year, Hazelden Betty Ford hosts educational workshops and webinars to share tips on staying sober.

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